Look Back in Anger

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Jimmy Porter is a very angry young man.  Despite the promise of a brave new world in the wake of World War Two, Britain seems to have retreated to the safe, stifling class system and values that regulated his society in the ‘golden days’ before the war.  Desperate to fight for something but lacking a cause, all his passion and fire turns into bitterness; against himself and the world around him.

A modern classic, Osborne’s play tells the story of Jimmy, his vulnerable wife Alison and their mellow neighbour Cliff.  Existing in an uneasy détente, their fragile relationship splinters and fractures with the arrival of Helena, Alison’s glamorous friend.  Her visit causes them all to question their beliefs and values, exposing the disaffection and disappointment with Britain’s ‘brave new world’.


There’s a sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look where an author is given some advice by his editor, whose increasingly ludicrous suggestions are always sufficed with ‘Not this, but better’.  I’m sure the Look Back designers can now empathise with the long-suffering author; their considerable talent and patience is evident in the way they have turned my very vague design brief into the world you see onstage tonight.  My first thank you is to our design team – James, Ben, Elisa and James, thank you for your hard work and beautiful designs!

Thank you to the cast and crew, who have brought these designs and ideas so beautifully to life.  Your enthusiasm, talent and determination to push yourselves and your abilities to their limits have been a constant inspiration, and certainly very humbling to me.  To those on the outside of the rehearsal process looking in, to our fantastic new committee, to everyone who stopped to ask me how it was going and plied me with gin – thank you.  Everyone involved in this process needs a support network and I have been incredibly lucky to have one made up of all you!

Finally, my production team.  What can I say?  You’ve dealt with everything I, Osborne and life can general can throw at you with aplomb, plenty of banter and a determination to not only see things through but make them as excellent as possible.  Dan, Emma, Sarah and Jess – for all your ideas, for doing early morning pit runs, for doing late night drinking sessions and for saying yes in the first place, thank you.


Jimmy – Dominic Corfield

Alison – Danielle Patrick

Cliff – Mike Edwardson

Helena – Kate Butler

Colonel Redfern – Tom McMahon


Director – Mel Harrison

Production Manager – Dan Turner

Stage Manager – Jess Paetz

Producers – Sarah Balchin, Emma Beverley


Lighting Designer – James Williamson

Sound Designer – Ben Dornan

Set Designer – James Donnelly

Costume – Elisa Santos

Lighting Operator – Jack McFarlane-Shopes

Sound Operator – Amelia Jones

Publicity material by Stuart Gresham

Rehearsal photography by Jim Olphert


Best Actress – Kate Butler

Best Newcomer – Mike Edwardson