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Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë are three of the most well-known sisters in literary history. This play reveals both the real and imagined worlds of these women, as their fictional characters are lifted from the page and brought to life; to haunt both them and the audience.
As we move back and forth in time, we see how the family is affected by their desperate desire to escape their mundane reality and we witness their brother’s descent into alcoholism and insanity. Finally, we begin to realise what may have inspired them to write some of the most powerful and passionate fiction of all time.


Charlotte Brontë – Amelia Jones

Emily Brontë – Helena Bradbury

Anne Brontë – Ellie Webb

Branwell Brontë – Mike Edwardson

Patrick Brontë – Andy Beasley

Cathy – Alice Ordish

Bertha – Kristy Kruithof


Director – Lucy Kempster

Production Manager – James Donnelly

Producer – Emma Beverley

Stage Manager – Hamish Ellis