Humble Boy

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All is not well in the Humble hive.

Timid, bumbling Felix Humble is a thirty-something theoretical astrophysicist at Cambridge. He returns to his family home to search for his unified theory of everything after the death of his father, James. But over time, as he is confronted with familiar faces from his past, he is forced to discovered much more than he expected. Darkly humorous, touching and wholeheartedly entertaining, ‘Humble Boy’ will leave you buzzing with delight.

The Cast 

Felix Humble- Jack Burkill

Flora Humble- Alice Ordish

George Pye- Stuart Gresham

Rosie Pye- Claire Sharp

Mercy Lott- Laura Quinn

Jim- Ed Crowther

The Team

Director- Tom Lodge
Stage Manager- Loma Sylvana
Producer- Katy Robinson
Tech Officer- Vicky Webb
Musical Director-  Stevie Partington
Lighting Designer- Chris Charlesworth
Sound Designer- Alice Lord
Set Designer- Heather Newson
Costume Team- Ellie Winn, Bella Peniston, Catherine Woolley
Publicity- Joe Bunce
Lighting Operator- James Bailey
Sound Operators – Alice Lord, Amelia Jones
Band -Tierney Kirby, Ben Redmayne, Natalie Farrow, Becca Byde.