Punk Rock by Simon Stephens

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In the library of a grammar school in Stockport, William and his fellow sixth formers are nearing the end of the end of their school life, preparing for their mock A-levels while navigating the pressures of their teenage years. They stand on the edge of life, charged by a desire to live but equally contained by the structures surrounding them.

The end of term is fast approaching and an uncertain future life lies ahead. Soon Stockport will be a thing of the past. They are educated and aspirational young people but step-by-step, their dislocation, disjunction and latent aggression is revealed.

When the world opens up before you, there’s danger in it that’ll swallow you up.

Contemporary, powerful and compelling, Punk Rock perfectly captures the rawness, humour and desires of intelligent young people today yet forcefully suggests that being bright and middle class offers no protection from bullying, fear, mental illness or death.


William Carlisle- Jonathan England

Lilly Cahill- Charlie Steele

Bennett Francis- Josh Finan

Cissy Franks- Amy Wells

Chadwick Meade- Andy Beasley

Nicholas Chatman- Adam Renvoize

Lily Francis- Ashleigh Jones

Dr. Richard Harvey- Kevin Matthews