Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus, an adaptation by Charlie Steele based on the novel by Mary Shelley

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Often thought to be the first science fiction story ever written, ‘Frankenstein’ is a new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel by Charlie Steele.

The brilliant scientist Victor Frankenstein, through studying the ‘natural decay and corruption of the human body’ becomes ‘capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter’.

His ambition drives him to animate a monstrous creature, who he then abandons responsibility for. The resulting clash between them claims the lives of the novel’s most vulnerable characters and leaves us asking what should be within the realm of human endevour.

A powerful and important story, Frankenstein explores themes of parental responsibility, masculinity, femininity, birth, life and death, and asks; should greatness be unfettered? Should we ever play God?


Victor Frankenstein- Alex Monks

Creature- Josh Finan

Walton- David Jeffery

Elizabeth Lavenza- Emily Keston

Henry Clerval- Doug Dunn

Caroline Frankenstein- Elle Jurczak

Alphonse Frankenstein- James Travers

William Frankenstein- Anna Dobrucki

Isolde- Rachel Turner

Jacek- Francis Edouard-Whittaker

Justine- Jenny Pendriss

Jadwiga- Cate Berry

Petra Waldman- Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer

Harriet Krempe- Becky Danks

Agatha de Lacey- Thalia Caddy

Arthur de Lacey- Ollie Raggett

Felix de Lacey- Matt Woodhead


Director/Writer- Charlie Steele

Assistan Director/DSM- Nazareth Gayle

Producer- Lucy Weston

Stage Manager- Hamish Ellis


Technical Officer- Robyn Park

Cinematographer- Stuart Gresham

Costume Designer- Caitlin Hare

Creature Designer- Jess Waller

Lighting Designer- Chris Irving

Composer- Matthew Malone

Set Designer- Dan Turner