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Proposals for Spring Season 2013

(29th November 2012)

Hi there lovely SuTCo-ers. Just a brief blog, but nevertheless an exciting one! With proposals looming, I’ve attached the digital copies of applications we have received so far. So take a look through and get an idea of what’s on offer!

Dante’s Inferno Proposal 

What the Butler Saw

A Clockwork Orange Proposal

Boys Proposal 

I’ll be attaching a couple more later this afternoon (technical hitches, pffft), but these should keep you busy for now, and there are paper copies of all of the proposals in the office for you to flick through as and when you like.

Also, don’t forget, tonight is our BY-ELECTION for the post of First Year Representative, at 7pm in the Gallery Terrace, Sheffield Students’ Union, so please make sure you come along to show your support for the candidates and have your say in who represents you and your society.

Hope to see you later!

Jenny x

By-election, Proposals, Auditions, Musical Theatre, Flash Mob, Books for Bedtime and…Vaginas.

(27th November 2012)

If you’ve been following my feverish facebook activity as I desperately try to plow my way through the seemingly endless list of upcoming events and opportunities (and find/make appropriately hilarious event pictures), you’ll be aware that it’s a very busy week in the land of SuTCo. If you haven’t, not only am I severely disappointed in you, you’ve also missed out on a fabulous picture of a ferret in a party hat and the title of this blog likely makes absolutely no sense to you whatsoever.

But, seeing as I am a kind and benevolent digital publicist, I shall get you up to speed.

Right. This is going to be a long one. Let’s do this.


Some exciting opportunities have become available to be on the SuTCo Committee.

We now have a space on the publicity team for one lucky SuTCo-er, in the role of External Publicist!

In addition, we are introducing a BRAND NEW ROLE; namely that of a ‘First Year Representative‘. Role descriptions are as follows.External Publicist:-Co-ordinates and organises exit flyering and city rallies.
-Orders publicity material such as posters and flyers
– Comes up with creative ways of advertising plays and the society in general ( such as flash mobs etc)
– Works with production teams and the publicity team to publicise shows and events.First Year Representative:
– This must be a first year student
– The First Year Rep will provide support for other first year students and act as a representative for their interests and concerns in Committee Meetings.
– They will help to advertise specifically to freshers, making sure that they are kept up to date with auditions and other events, as well as helping them to integrate into the society.This is a really exciting opportunity to get involved and help to influence how the society is run. Applications in the form of a statement of interest should be sent to

, along with the names of 2 members of the society to first and second you. They must also be submitted in paper form to the office.

The By-election will take place on Thursday 29th November in the Gallery Terrace, Sheffield Students’ Union from 7-10pm (we may not need all of this time!)

Applicants should be prepared to give a short speech on why they think they would be suitable for the role, after which the floor will be opened for questions.



After sadly waving goodbye to the last show of our Autumn Season 2012 (and of 2012 in general. Wow.),it’s that exciting time of year again when you get the chance to put forward your idea for a play and have your say in what the society puts on next year!

In order to propose you must gather a production team consisting of a Director, Producer and Stage Manager. You must then work together to create a document explaining your reasons for proposing your chosen play, why you think it would be good for the society, your plans for sponsorship and funding, your ideas for tech (such as stage design, lighting etc) and how you would intend to publicise the event (for example ideas about city rally etc.). This document must be submitted both in paper form to the office and in digital form by emailing

The teams will then be required to attend BOTH proposals sessions to give a short presentation and answer questions put to you by members of the society. The four plays receiving the most votes will be performed next semester.

Here is an example of a sucessful proposal document, along with a ‘Proposals Pack’ which gives an outline of the process of applying:


Proposals pack spring2013

If you would like to find out more about the process of proposing, come along to our PROPOSALS INFORMATION WORKSHOP. 

This will take place tonight, Tuesday 27th November, from 7pm in Gallery Room 2, Sheffield Students’ Union, and is an informal session where you can ask any questions about how to write, submit and make a success of your proposal!

Proposals will take place on the following days so

make sure to come along, cast your vote and see the plays you’ve chosen be brought to life on the Drama Studio stage:Friday 30th November- Gallery Room 2, 2pm-6pm
Saturday 1st December – Gallery Room 3, 5pm-9pmWeek Slots are 1,3,4, and 7Exciting stuff. Hope to see you there. Get proposing!


On Saturday the 9th of March, the day after International Women’s Day, the Students’ Union Women’s Campaign together with the Sheffield University Theatre Company will be putting on a performance of The Vagina Monologues.

Auditions for this exciting project are taking place on the Weds 28th, 2-4pm and Thurs 29th November, 1-4pm in the Octagon TV Lounge. 

Do not worry if you cannot make the start of a slot, but it would make it slightly easier for the process if you can.

The rights to perform the show are given to us by V-Day – which is a movement to end violence against women and girls ( Proceeds from the performance will be to raise money for a local charity that supports women and girls who have experienced male violence.

The Vagina Monologues is an award-winning play, based on V-Day Founder/playwright Eve Ensler’s interviews with more than 200 women. With humour and grace the piece celebrates women’s sexuality and strength. Through this play and the liberation of this one word, countless women throughout the world have taken control of their bodies and their lives. For more than twelve years, The Vagina Monologues has given voice to experiences and feelings not previously exposed in public.

The performance will contain an all-female cast and auditions are therefore open to all self-defining women.

We actively encourage those who have no acting experience to take part. We are striving for a diverse cast so also actively encourage women of colour, older women, women with disabilities, women from outside the UK and LGBT women to audition!

Note: some of the monologues include the discussion of sexual violence and may trigger distressing thoughts or feelings. If you have any concerns about this then do get in contact. If you are chosen to partake in the cast and would not like to read a monologue on this topic we are happy to work around this.

If you have any questions or queries then contact or

For more info please visit the facebook event:!/events/456035721125179/?fref=ts


Sheffield’s biennial 24 Hour Charity Musical sees students from the University given 24 Hours to learn, rehearse, publicise, build, and pretty much do everything needed to perform a musical. …

At 7:30pm on Monday 11th February 2013 we’ll have a musical announced to us. At 7:30pm on Tuesday 12th February 2013 we put it on to a paying audience. All profit will go to local charity Cavendish Cancer Care ( )
If you’d like to be involved in any non-performing aspect of this incredible project then contact Tom at , but keep your eye out for crew calls which will be held after auditions.

If you’d like to audition you need only sign up [with your name, email address and specifying if you want to sing, dance and act OR just dance] to one 3 hour session on Saturday or Sunday. You probably won’t be needed for the full three hours.


Sat 1st December- 12pm-3pm OR 3pm-6pm- Mappin Building Lecture Theatre 7

Sun 2nd December- 12pm-3pm OR 3pm-6pm- Mappin Building Lecture Theatre 7

Sign up here:

Sign up before midday, Friday 30th November.

Songs for auditions FIRST ROUND:
Please prepare 1 of the following songs. (A verse and chorus of your choice)
The Sound of Music- The Sound of Music
All That Jazz- Chicago
A Spoonful of Sugar- Mary Poppins
Another Hundred People- Company
Somewhere Over the Rainbow- Wizard of Oz
Mr Cellophane- Chicago
Maria- West Side Story
Johanna- Sweeney Todd
Being Alive- Company
Edelweiss- The Sound of Music
For more info please visit the facebook event:!/events/452167208163329/?fref=ts

On the theme of 24hr Musical, the team have just announced their Crew Call, for those of you wanting to get involved working in a professional theatre in the biggest theatre complex outside of London (something for the CV, eh?!) but aren’t particularly into the whole ‘prancing about on stage whilst severely sleep deprived’ thing.

This will take place on FRIDAY 7TH DECEMBER, 4-5PM 

The team say ‘Come along to this crew call if you would like to get involved backstage at the Crucible theatre, working for 24 hours to produce a musical. We need people for lighting, sound, stage, costume, props, runners, ops, assistant stage managers and anyone who is fun!’

For more info please check out the facebook group:


If you, like me, tend to go out to a club night and make an utter fool of yourself with your terrible dancing, then this event is definitely for you. Because, instead of paying to do just that, you can do it for the bargain price of ABSOLUTELY FREE.

On Saturday the 1st of December there will be a Flashdance-Flashmob in Pop Tarts, and, as it’s after proposals, we thought it’d be a nice opportunity to go out and make fools of ourselves/ have a bit of fun with our fellow SuTCoers.

To take part, you must be available for two hours between 10:00-18:00 on the Saturday (we will tell you our ‘SuTCo’ time when we know it) and then DEFINITELY from 21:00-22:30 before pop tarts.

(if you can’t make the ‘SuTCo’ time then you will be able to go at another point du

ring the Saturday)We will learn a section of a relatively simple dance and then put it together with loads of other societies from the union.For the night, we get a free ticket for the Octagon night out.

Free stuff is great.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

The dance will take place at approximately 01:00 in the centre of the main room.

If you want to get involved, then please click attending on this event as we need to confirm numbers for PopTarts tickets asap.

Bring along comfy clothes, trainers and water on the day and you will be provided with fruit and sweets to keep you going.

It sounds like it’s going to be loads of fun and a great way to wind down after the stress of proposals, so make sure you channel your inner dancing queen and head on down!


Our Radio Officer, Doug Dunn, is looking for volunteers for his ‘Books for Bedtime’ project. This will involve recording several audio-books which will then be sent to local hospitals to entertain the patients and keep them smiling through what is sure to be a difficult time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to give something back to our local community, so if you’d like to get involved, please send an email, marked FAO Doug Dunn, expressing your interest to

Well, that only took me the best part of an hour. On the negative side, that is an hour I will never again get back. On the positive side, you are now completely up to date! (and also I had a legitimate excuse to avoid doing my seminar reading.. bonus.).

Any queries about any of this mammoth post, be sure to send an email to and we will try our best to answer them!

SuTCo love,

Jenny xxx

A much needed update!

(7th November 2012)

Hi there all you SuTCo lovers! Apologies for not having written in so long, it’s been a very busy few weeks! So here we go, a massive catch up to keep you in the loop with everything that’s been going on in the land of theatre.

Autumn Season 2012..

Is almost over. We can’t believe how quickly this season has flown by! Congratulations to the three fabulous shows that have completed their runs; Humble Boy, Punk Rock and Rope. All were very well received and I think I speak for all of us when I say that the last show of the season, Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus has big shoes to fill! It starts its run on the Wednesday 14th November so make sure to reserve your tickets!  Show pages  for this season’s shows will be up soon so you’ll be able to browse through pictures, trailers, reviews and  more. Lovely.

Committee Role Opportunities..

Unfortunately, one of our lovely Technical Officers, Heather Newson, has had to resign her position. Sad as we are to see her go, it means a great new opportunity for somebody else to take up the role and get involved! Previous technical experience is a necessity, but if you think you would be interested in the position please send an email with a statement of interest (no more than 300 words) and the names of 2 members of the society to first and second your application to before 11th November 2012. For more information as to what the role of Technical Officer involves, head over to our committee page and take a gander.  Information about the Bi-Election will be anounced in the coming few days, so keep a look out to ensure that you have your say over who’s representing you and the society. Lovely.

Fresher, the musical…

Our friends over at SUPAS are putting on  their own original musical about university life from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th November, at 19.30 in Coffee Revs at Sheffield Students’ Union. It’s sure to be a great evening so make sure you head down to show your support, and get a free upgrade to a large drink for the price of a medium. For more information please check out the facebook event page: Tickets are cheap as chips at just £4, so you’ve no excuse not to pop along!

24hr Musical Launch..

So on Sunday it was officially 2400 hours until curtain up on the Bi-annual 24hr Charity Musical and it opened with a bang. For those of you who don’t know, the 24hr charity musical is an event to raise money for Cavendish Cancer Care in which a team chooses a musical to be performed. The twist is that nobody apart from the production team know what the musical is going to be until 24hrs before it is put on! In 24hrs the show must be organised, directed, publicised, props and costumes must be made or bought, sets built and tech sorted. It’s a crazy day, but it’s all in the name of a good cause and it’s great fun. Sounds exciting, right? But guess what, it just got even better. At the launch, whilst people munched on pizza (guilt reduced knowing that over a third of the profits were going to charity), we were told that this year’s musical will be taking place at…


It’s an incredible twist and a great opportunity to get to perform on the main stage of a professional theatre, so keep your eyes peeled for information about auditions, which will be coming up veeerrrry soon. I know I’ll be there. Will you?

I’ve probably forgotten something, but that’s all for now, folks.

SuTCo love


Two new casts, questionable conversation and far too long spent in the death labyrinth that is Mapin….

(26th September 2012)

can only mean one thing. Auditions for our Autumn season 2012 have officially come to a close.

And what a set of auditions they were! We were delighted to see so many new faces, and I’m sure both the production teams of Frankenstein and Rope will agree that the standard of acting across the board was incredibly high. It never fails to amaze me just how much talent you can  squeeze into one overcrowded corridor.

Of course, being in such close confinement can often result in some interesting ice-breakers, and conversation topics ranged from the seriously bizarre to the just down-right unmentionable on this website. However, it was lovely to see you all chattering away and making new friends as you froze half to death. There’s nothing quite like the threat of frost-bite to rustle up some heart-warming camaraderie, eh chaps?

Commiserations to those who unfortunately missed out on a part in our last two shows of the semester; Rope and Frankenstein. You all did an excellent job and the production teams had very difficult decisions to make. Please don’t disappear though! Make sure you pop along for a drink at our first social of the year tomorrow, Thursday 27th September, at the West End Pub. We’ll be there from 9pm. Also, there are still an endless  number of opportunities to get involved with SuTCo over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure to check the website to see what’s going on.

And, without further ado, a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who were successful and have gained a part in the Rope Cast or the affectionately dubbed ‘Frankencast’. We are all very excited to see you in action and looking forward to a fantastic season.

The cast lists are as follows:

Rope – Week 6

Rupert Cadell – Tom McMahon
Wyndham Brandon – Glen Pritchard
Charles Granillo – Dominic Corfield
Kenneth Raglan – Alex Griffiths
Leila Arden – Clio Symington
Mrs. Debenham – Grace Darbyshire
Sir. Johnstone Kentley – Joe Bunce
Sabot – Tom Lodge

Frankenstein – Week 8

Victor Frankenstein – Alex Monks
The Creature – Josh Finan
Robert Walton – David Jeffery
Elizabeth Lavenza – Emily Keston
Henry Clerval – Doug Dunn


Ollie Raggett
James Travers
Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer
Francis Edouard-Whittaker
Becky Danks
Anna Dobrucki
Rachel Turner
Jenny Pendriss
Matt Woodhead
Ellen Jurczak
Cate Berry
Thalia Caddy

What an exciting post!

I’m now off to tend to my multiple bite wounds (committee is a dangerous place to be).

SuTCo love,

Jenny (Digital Publicist)

Changes to the website, Crew calls, Auditions, Autumn Season and much, much more. Welcome Back!

(September 16th 2012)

So here we are at the start of a brand new semester in (not so) sunny Sheffield! But though the weather may be chilly, never fear! We’ve got more than enough exciting events to help give you that warm and fuzzy SuTCo feeling. And, though we’ve had to say our tearful goodbyes to much loved friends who have moved on into the proper (scary) adult world, a new start also means fresh faces, and we’re looking forward to meeting a brand new crop of freshers in the coming weeks.

So, here’s a quick update about what’s going on this semester.


As you may or may not have noticed, the SuTCo publicity team past and present have been making a few changes to this website in recent weeks, giving it a brand new look for the new academic year. However, overhauling a website takes a long time, a lot of patience and several bouts of hysterical, exhaustion induced fits of giggles at the name of our new theme (“Hello, friends! You have to say it in a creepy  , ominous tone) or the option to have a photo album with what appears to be a demented tele tubby/bunny rabbit hybrid dancing in the corner of every photo. So, with this in mind, please bear with us! We promise it will look very pretty when it’s all finished.

On our new home page you will be able to find the show pages of many of our past shows, along with photos, cast lists, descriptions and much much more. Plus, more importantly, doesn’t it look shiny and lovely?

Also keep an eye out for a new page about our  2012 committee that will really open your eyes to who you actually chose to run your society. Terrifying? Wonderful? Who knows?

Autumn Season 2012

First off, our Autumn Season 2012 is looking set to be a cracker. Congratulations to the successful plays; Humble Boy, Punk Rock, Rope and Frankenstein.

Another big congratulations is due to those who were successful in the very competitive auditions and have gained a part in the first two shows of this Autumn Season.

The cast of the shows is as follows:

‘Humble Boy’ by Charlotte Jones (Week 2)

Felix Humble – Jack Burkill

Flora Humble – Alice Ordish

George Pye – Stuart Gresham

Rosie Pye – Claire Sharp
Mercy Lott – Laura Quinn
Jim – Ed Crowther

‘Punk Rock’ by Simon Stephens (Week 4)

William Carlisle – Jonathan England
Bennett Francis – Josh Finan
Chadwick Meade – Andy Beasley
Lilly Cahill – Charlie Steele
Cissy Franks – Amy Wells
Nicholas Chatman – Adam Renvoize
Tanya Gleason – Sian Baxter
Lucy Francis – Ashleigh Jones
Dr Richard Harvey – Kevin Matthews

Exciting stuff. I’m sure autographs are available if you ask very nicely.
If you fancy finding out what’s going on behind the scenes and seeing how the process of putting on a show works, make sure you check out their individual show blogs.
 Take a look at our shiny new Autumn season poster, which you should be seeing all over the union shortly. Isn’t it pretty?


Auditions for the second two shows of our season; Rope (Week 6) and Frankenstein (Week 8), will be taking place from the 20th to the 24th September, so make sure you come along to one of our sessions. Information about times and rooms can be found here. If you’re new to Sheffield and don’t know anybody, don’t worry! Members of our committee will be there to meet you and have a bit of a natter and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Technical, Publicity and Radio Team Crew Calls

As you probably all know, a lot of what goes in to making brilliant theatre happens behind the scenes. With that in mind we’ve also arranged a calls session to find new and enthusiastic recruits to help out as part of our Technical, Publicity and Radio Teams. This will be taking place on Friday 21st September from 1.30pm-3.00pm in Sheffield Students’ Union Gallery Room 3. 

So if you’re a budding lighting or set designer, make-up artist, film maker, photographer, radio presenter or playwright make sure you make an appearance to find out how to get involved, sign up to our mailing list, and learn a bit about what taking part entails.

SuTCo ‘Welcome Back’ Social

And finally, SuTCo just wouldn’t be SuTCo without a bit of a party. With that in mind, our first social will be taking place at our old favourite, the West End, on Glossop Road next to the University Drama Studio on Thursday 27th September from 9pm onwards. Be there or be mercilessly ridiculed for missing out.
For a comprehensive list of everything that’s happening in the land of SuTCo over the coming weeks, take a look here.
Phew, that was a long one. Hopefully you’re all feeling a bit more up to date and looking forward to another brilliant year!
SuTCo love x

Autumn Season 2012 Proposals

(May 10th 2012)

That’s right. Possibly the most exciting couple of days in our semester’s calendar is upon us again. And some real treats have been served up this time!

Proposals for the Autumn Season 2012 will be taking place on FRIDAY 10TH MAY at 5PM and SATURDAY 12TH MAY at 12PM – both in the Octagon TV Lounge. Please come along and cast your vote for what you’d like SuTCo’s next season to be.

Digital copies of the proposals can be found here – have a good old peruse at your own leisure!



Humble Boy – Proposal

A View From The Bridge Proposal

Rope Proposal

Tessa Mhlophe Proposal – Final Draft

PUNK ROCK proposal

Richard the Third Proposal

Taming of the Shrew proposal


Peter Pan + new committee!

(Apr 29th 2012)

All the best to the Peter Pan team at their get-in today – it’s gonna be a real treat.  Reserve your tickets for the performance THIS COMING WEDS-SAT (including Saturday matinee) via the Ticket Reservations page, call 01142228676 or pop down to the Union Box Office for our final show of the year!

As we come to the end of the year, this also means time for a brand spanking new committee – and here they are! –
Chair – Bethan Ratcliffe
Vice-Chair – Liz Johnson
Treasurer – Mike Edwardson
Secretary – Charlie Steele
Technical Officers – Dominic Corfield, Robyn Park, Vicky Webb
Show Publicity Officer – Laura Elliott
Digital Publicity Officer – Jenny Pendriss
External Publicity Officer – Rachel Turner
Workshops & Projects Officer – Grace Darbyshire
Archivist – Josh Finan
Radio Officer – Doug Dunn

Congratulations to all – next year’s shaping up to be a VERY exciting one!

Be on our Committee 2012-13!

(March 20th 2012)

It’s nearly that time of year again – Committee Elections will be taking place after Easter.  Why not run for a position?!  Being on the SuTCo Committee is an excellent way to gain a broader knowledge of the society’s workings, to build those elusive ‘life skills’ people speak of, and to take on responsibility for your society.
The current Committee are holding a workshop on Thursday 29th March at 7pm in Gallery Room 2 in the Union – no matter how much or how little you know about how the Committee works or what it does, please come along and find out more!  Attending the workshop in no way ties you to running for a position, and is very much applicable to those who do not wish to run – you’ll be more informed of what is required from the candidates when Elections come round! Details of the positions available will be published very soon, along with the dates and venues for the Elections themselves.  If you’re curious, please come along to the workshop!

24 Hour Musical 2013 – Production Team applications

(March 20th 2012)

Ladies and gentlemen! Exciting news!

It’s time (well, this time next year it will be) for…
THE 24 HOUR MUSICAL 2013! What WILL it be?!

That’s right, SuTCo are now accepting applications to be on the core production team for this spectacular event that has put Sheffield University on the map with its utter brilliance.
While the musical itself is a short time, the production team need to work continuously throughout the year to make sure that everything is in place by the time it rolls round, which will be quicker than you think! This will be everything from auditions, crew calls, learning the musical backwards (not entirely necessary but maybe helpful), to co-ordinating a catering team, booking the venue, appointing and co-ordinating the rest of the production team etc. It will be a LOT of fun, but it is something to consider seriously as it is a sizeable commitment. The SuTCo committee will be there as a support and a guide all the way and will help however they can (but remember not to tell them what the musical is…) so you’ll always have help.

So, if you’re interested in being part of this, email with ’24 Production Team application’ in the title, then include your name, phone number, the role you are applying for and 150 words on why you think you’re best suited for it – NOT the musical you’d like to do, keep that to yourself! The SuTCo committee will meet in two weeks’ time to discuss the applications, so THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY 25TH MARCH 2012 at MIDNIGHT. Applications WILL NOT be considered after this time, so please do get them in on time!

The four options available are:
- The director… Directs! They have overall artistic responsibility for the show and will work closely with the team to select the musical (as well as knowing it inside out and NEVER letting slip what it is). They choose the style and pieces for the acting auditions, cut the script, arrange characters/roles, decides cast size and direct on the day! It is likely the director will take on an assistant director, so that they can cover everything when two rehearsals are happening at the same time (usually 4am) in different places!
- The musical director casts the orchestra (and whatever else might be necessary musically for the show – without giving it away!) They will choose the songs for and oversee the vocal part of the audition process. On the day, they will work with the orchestra and those with singing roles. Again, it is a possibility (and most probably a good idea) for them to take on board an assistant musical director who can work with other members of the cast at the same time.
- The production manager will oversee the event as a whole, meeting with the venue (most likely the Octagon) and TSC for technical support. They will be responsible for organising the crew call and delegating roles from there (stage manager, ASMs, designers etc), will work closely with the director to understand the show’s technical requirements and then will convey this to all the technical and backstage teams on the day. The PM will also be responsible for the organisation of resources for set, costume and so on. The PM will have the best view of what is going on where overall throughout the whole event – i.e. making sure the catering team get the chilli on at the right time.
- The producer is responsible for the show’s money. They must find sponsorship, book the venue, organise the auditions and attain the rights for the chosen show. They will look at budgets, decide (with the PM) where funds will be allocated and keep an eye on spending throughout the process. They will be responsible for liaising with people like the Activities Officer for ideas for funding and fundraising and to keep the Union in the loop. They will look into possible useful connections with organisations like RAG and so on. They will also focus on the publicity for the event, both beforehand in the run up to the event as well as overseeing and co-ordinating the publicity team throughout the 24 hours. They will be the one responsible for things like ordering tshirts (and making sure people pay for them) as well as getting press coverage for the event as far as possible.
Other production roles (stage manager, choreographer etc) will become available once this core team has been chosen, so don’t worry, there are lots of chances and this isn’t the end! Aside from these, there are (almost literally) a million and one other ways to be involved, and each and every one of them is loads of fun. Whether it be acting, set building, painting, making costumes, publicity, lighting or catering – there’s something for everyone! Imagine it like a normal SuTCo show but really, really big and with mealtimes…
Crew calls and auditions will be held throughout next year at the discretion of the production team, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to be involved (and you should, it’s an incredible amount of fun).
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop in an email or come and find someone on the committee to have a chat with – we’ll help as much as we can!
So what are you waiting for? Get applying!

February update

(March 6th, 2012)

And suddenly it’s March. How did this happen?!
February was busy – as ever. Half of our Spring Season is now over – many congratulations to A Dream Play and Brontë, both great successes for us and a wonderful way to start off this calendar year.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have their dress rehearsal tonight, so best of luck to all involved. It promises to be a fantastic show. In particular, a big nod must be given to the costume and make-up team – their work looks truly superb, and we’ve been lucky to have so many people involved bringing the aesthetics to life.  Be sure to reserve your tickets here, you’re not going to want to miss it!

Our Committee Elections for 2012-13 are coming up soon after Easter. Lots of information will be posted online closer to the time, and we’ll be having a Committee Q&A/Information Evening, where you can come along and find out more about all the positions available. It’s a chance to be a huge part of SuTCo next year, something to really get your teeth into. Food for thought. More on this coming soon!
We have more workshops coming up this month!

Facepainting: Tuesday 13th, 7:30pm Gallery Room 4

Lighting Design: Wednesday 14th, 7pm Drama Studio 3 (Shearwood Road)

A huge thank to you to Arsalan for the Publicity workshop, and Jade and Kate for their Dance workshop – lots of fun is being had, so keep your eye out on Facebook in particular for these events!
That’s pretty much it from us, for now. Rehearsal pictures for Alice will be appearing soon, so look out for those and go and get your tickets now! And a very happy Tuesday to you all.

January is busy…

(Feb 5th 2012)

Hello, good evening to you.  The eagle-eyed amongst those of you living in Sheffield will have noticed that it has snowed.  Make of this what you will.  I’m not sure how I feel about it.

January has been all systems go over here, with loads of exciting preparations for the coming season.

A Dream Play

Our first show of the Spring Season opens next week, and the Dream Team have been hard at work in rehearsals getting the show ready as well as acquiring fridges and trees and building a jetty.  Such is life doing a Caryl Churchill play.  Check out the show blog and some rehearsal pictures taken in full costume glory:

More can be found on the Facebook album. Best of luck to them with their forthcoming show week (8th-11th February), the tickets for which can be purchased at the Students’ Union Box Office, or reserved through 0114 222 8676.

The Brontë team have been having bags of fun!  Their blog is really worth a read, it’s absolutely barmy.  Illustration for their poster is being completed as I write, and the team travelled to Derbyshire this week to shoot their trailer – both locations being covered in snow, which was a very pleasant surprise.  Here are some teasers of what to expect – their trailer will be going live a week today:

All moody and arty.  But genuinely freezing.  A big well done to all the cast for being so willing to de-robe in subzero conditions.

SuTCo Sunday Play on Forge Radio
Our radio play comeback comes in the form of Lucy Weston’s production of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell. With Andy Elkington and Peter Weston taking the roles of Holmes and Watson, Tom Lodge as a nosy postman, Mel Harrison being terribly sour-faced, Jenny Pendriss a blubbering mess, and Lucy Weston and Joe Bunce as two young lovers, this is a show not to be missed.  Immerse yourself in this bundle of joy on Sunday at 8pm by tuning in to

Ultimate Fair
Wednesday 8th February – come and find us in the Octagon Centre and on the concourse outside the Union – all kinds of fun things will be a’happening.  You’ll see.

Be sure to keep following the blogs for A Dream Play over the next seven days and Brontë over the next couple of weeks (things are gonna get all manner of crazy) and make it your mission to go and get tickets for A Dream Play – trust me, you’re really not going to want to miss it.

Happy Sunday to you all!

Keep your eyes peeled

(Jan 28th 2012)

Hello! This is the first post of 2012. But it’s been too long to ask how your Christmas was. That’s a bit awkward. Small talk aside, 2012 has well and truly begun in the SuTCo camp.
Ultimate Fair: we will be there! We’ll have our own stand in the Octagon as well as all kinds of fun happening on the concourse outside the Union. It’s on 8th February (incidentally, opening night of A Dream Play) – come along and say hello! There will be loads of information about the workshops and projects we’ve got planned for this semester. All of these things are good.
Publicity has been kickstarted for the Spring Season – the poster and trailer for A Dream Play will be posted on here later today.  Illustration for the Brontë poster is commencing this week.  Exciting!
ISDF news: Congratulations to James Travers, Matt Plant, Josh Finan, Ellie Webb, Megan Gunn and Joe Bunce for being accepted into the ensemble of the International Student Drama Festival 2012!  The Festival is in Sheffield this year for the Cultural Olympiad, and we’re so excited to have had this many people selected.  A big well done to all!
Radio plays: We have our radio plays for our Spring semester with Forge Radio!
First up, we have the detective romp Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Tolling Bell, directed by Lucy Weston, followed by Mike Edwardson’s two-part adaptation of Ian Fleming’s From Russia With Love.
Meanwhile, Tom Lodge presents a serialised – and interactive! – adaptation of Alan Ayckbourn’s Intimate Exchanges, which winds to its conclusion as Ellen Jurczak presents a tale of sex and middle-agedness, Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune, by Terrence McNally.

After a special broadcast for the Platform Performance Festival, Tom Brown’s modern reimagining of traditional fairytale Cinderella closes our show for the Easter holidays, which reopens for James Travers self-written The Life in a Dayand Rachel Turner’s adaptation of Joe Orton’s The Ruffian on the Stair.
…and I think that’s it for now? I’ve probably forgotten something crucial. The website and Facebook are gradually gearing up to a flurry of activity for this semester (‘flurry’ is a good word), so keep checking back to see what’s cracking. Super.

The best Christmas present ever

(Dec 18th 2011)

Hello there!
Great news from the SuTCo camp. After trying to track down computer people to help us (who, when found, were often unhelpful), our Head of Publicity has got all technical, worked his magic and finally got our website up and running again! A big thank you for Arsalan for this.
And you know what this means… things will actually start appearing on this here website! Hurray! 2012 is shaping up to be very exciting: we have our Spring Season of shows (A Dream Play, Brontë, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up); our Projects Officers are running a Workshop-a-Week scheme; we’re organising a volunteer trip to Africa; there will be ever more opportunities for involvement with the Sunday Play team at Forge Radio; and we will be pointing you in the direction of Platform Performance Festival, happening at Easter. Alongside loads of other exciting things!
Expect the website to have a bit of a binge on information/pictures over the next couple of days. It may be a little bit messy until everything’s sorted and in its proper place, but this should take no time at all
On that note, I shall bid you farewell, and drive home and get on with it. I hope that, after this incredible news, Christmas isn’t too disappointing for you all.

Spring Season 2012 Proposals

(Nov 17th 2011)

Brontë by Polly Teale

A Dream Play by August Strindberg, adapted by Caryl Churchill

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Based on the novel by Lewis Carroll, adapted by Malaika Cunningham & Sarah Balchin

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Entertaining Mr Sloane by Joe Orton

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Salome by Oscar Wilde

Autumn Season begins…

(Sept 30th 2011)

Hello! Welcome to the new SuTCo website. Apologies for its somewhat skeletal frame right now – archive digging is well underway.
It’s all got off to a cracking start for the 2011-12 academic year, with our Autumn 2011 season. The Activities Fair saw record-breaking numbers come and sign up to be involved with the company this year – which is fantastic! Thank you to those who have. We got a headstart on our publicity for our first show of the season, John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger – check out the trailer in exciting 1080p HD:

We had auditions for King Lear and Our Country’s Good, to which loads of new faces turned up! These shows are now fully cast and raring to go, no doubt.

We also had our Crew Call, an opportunity for new and existing members of the company to sign up to a technical mailing list to be kept in the loop on all our lighting, sound, set, costume, make-up, props and absolutely-everything workshops that are starting up in October. To anyone who’s interested in technical theatre, it’s not too late to get involved and learn – just send us an email at, for the attention of Chris Irving, our Technical Manager.

For weekly detailed updates of our progress and our work, please email us on the above address and ask to be put on the mailing list! My ‘vision’ for the website will gradually unfold over the coming weeks, and it soon should be covered head-to-toe in all things SuTCo. Amazing.